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Principal's Message:

January 19, 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians,

            We are very excited to welcome everyone back to the third and fourth quarters of the 2016-2017 school year.  There have been many changes this year.  For starters, GMS is proud to announce and welcome Mrs. Jennifer Hanshew to the GMS staff.  Mrs. Hanshew is a 15 year veteran teacher, and now joins GMS as the new vice principal.  She brings with her a wealth of experience, and an enthusiasm to develop positive and productive working relationships with each of your children.

            Winter sports are underway, with Boys’ Basketball going strong.  Our Braves players demonstrate sportsmanship and integrity.  Although we play to win, I continue to be pleased by the continued effort and dedication that each child gives, regardless of the game’s outcome.

            Spring sports tryouts are just around the corner.  Students will be invited to participate in Co-ed Track beginning at the end of February.  In other news, GMS will host its Open House later in March.  Parent phone calls and emails will be sent out as reminders in plenty of time.  Before we know it, state testing will again be upon us.  It is crucial that teachers, students, and families remain vigilant in supporting the ongoing learning of your child.  Please feel free to reach out to the GMS office with any questions you may have.

            Finally, along with GMS’ ongoing commitment to provide great support for students, we are working very hard at improving our public communications.  Currently, we are exploring social media options, as well as rolling out the remind app, so parents can receive public information in as close to real time as we can make happen.

            It is our great pleasure and privilege to educate your children, and we depend on your ongoing support.  Please feel free to contact the GMS office with any questions or concerns that you may have regarding your child and his/her education.  And remember… “At GMS, Success is the only option…whatever it takes!”

Kind regards,

Michael Bunch


Gustine Middle School




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School Office:             7:30 AM – 4:00 PM     7:30 AM – 4:00 PM     7:30 AM – 4:00 PM

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Every Monday all students are dismissed at 1:45 PM as our staff uses the afternoon for professional development and preparation. On the last Wednesday—Minimum Day—of every month (not including November) students will be dismissed at 12:30 PM.  Please plan accordingly to pick up your son/daughter early if they do not ride the bus.


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28075 Sullivan Road
Gustine, CA 95322
Phone (209) 854-5030
Fax (209) 854-9592

Gustine Middle School


Dr. Michael K. Bunch, Principal

Mrs. Jennifer Hanshew, Vice Principal

Gustine Middle School Staff Teacher Resources

  • Principal: Michael Bunch (Email)
  • Vice Principal: Jennifer Hanshew (Email)
  • Counselor: Horacio Mercado (Email)
  • Secretary: Kathy Cortez (Email)
  • District Nurse: Susena Ross (Email)  
  • Health Aide : Helen Encinas (Email)                               
  • Psychologist: Vernice Fuentes (Email)
  • Attendance: Mario Madrigal (Email)
  • Bilingual Liaison: Mariana Franco (Email)
  • PE Teacher: Bryan Hall (Email)
  • Read 180 Teacher: Rochelle Cotta (Email)
  • 6th Teacher: Julie Anderson (Email)
  • 6th Teacher: Yunuen Cisneros (Email)
  • 6th Teacher: Victor Gonzalez (Email
  • 6th Teacher: Lisa Travis (Email)
  • 6th Teacher: Aimee Varner (Email)
  • 7th Teacher: Denise Fantozzi (Email)
  • 7th Teacher: Julie Hazan (Email)
  • 7th Teacher: Kim Taylor (Email
  • 7th Teacher: Rocci Vizzusi (Email)
  • PE/ELD  Teacher: Rhonda Beevers (Email)


  • 8th Teaher: Tish Delerio (Email)
  • 8th Teacher: Jeffrey Goudy (Email)
  • 8th Teacher: Pauline Griset (Email)
  • Special Ed RSP: Charlie Alamo (Email)
  • Special Ed SDC: Pam Perry (Email)
  • Special Ed SDC: Bonner Cunnings (Email)
  • Music Teacher: Steven Mitchell (Email)
  • Library/Media Aide: Adrianne Rose (Email)
  • Computer Aide: Joe Silva (Email
  • Special Ed Aide: Carol Souza (Email)
  • Special Ed Aide: Claudia Negrete (Email)
  • Intervention Aide: Theresa Contreras (Email)
  • Campus Supervisor: Joseph Soares (Email)
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